Byznez - U & Me

"U & Me (Ft. Nadia): Electronic music has come into its own in recent years, with much of the nation tending to prefer it for dance nights out now. With artists like Akon and Chris Brown calling on the likes of DJs such as David Guetta and Calvin Harris to tap into that vein, it has come to be expected that an accomplished hip-hop talent can adapt to that style to deliver some fun. Byznez doesn't disappoint in this regard. Neither does producer Nagib Hawk, who I'd like to mention here. He's the creative monster behind the soundscapes on this album, and his versatility is capped off on this last song, as he shows he can deftly craft a house piece as easily as he can produce a rock, crunk, or futuristically-tinged track. Who's this track for? Guys looking for girls, girls looking for guys. This is the seductive, bubbly entry in the playlist, and it's the one you'll be goofily smiling to as you bop on the dance floor and look for a lover. Nadia's singing on the bridge will make sure of that." - A.I.

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