Art is never finished, only abandoned.
-Leonardo da Vinci
Nagib Hawk is a Bangladeshi-American artist, music producer, singer, and songwriter in the genres of Pop, EDM Hip-Hop, Industrial Rock, and Film/Cinema. Born in Bangladesh, music has been an integral part of his life since an early age, having been trained in the cello, oboe, guitar, tabla, and the keys. It was in 2005 that his career took a turn to music production and entertainment/showbiz, when he co-founded Soku DeNova Records, an independent record label. To create his signature music, Hawk relied on his cultural DNA, a methodical integration of contemporary sounds, and quality control, all while pushing boundaries to create new elements of diversity. 

After the dissolution of this brand, in 2014, Hawk co-founded his current franchise, Jadughor, a label specializing in the production, distribution, and branding of Western/English and Bangla music. Along with releasing numerous singles with U.S. and Bangladeshi artists, in May of 2014 Nagib Hawk released his debut music video for the single "What You Need Tonight" and later released his debut album "Onkota Bhul" in July, all of which signed and distributed under the Jadughor flag.
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