"Who's this track for? Those who want to get fired up about making some changes to what they see in the world. It's a solid anthem. On a side note, for the fitness buffs out there, the beat lends itself well to interval running, as well it should: This song is about progress, in all its many forms, including personal growth.
This opening track begins with an atmospheric silence, followed by a futuristic introduction. This combination sets the tone for Byznez to begin on a rebellious, socially conscious soliloquy about the reality of the failure of the systems around us: our government, our private sector, our culture itself. Already, he establishes an intelligent and young, albeit frustrated, voice, and I'm glad he leads with this song. It spotlights his substance as much as his sizzle—and sizzle he does. After a brief moment to allow for the lyrics to sink in, the beat morphs into a rollicking sound, driven by drums and synths. It conjures up an almost militaristic image, which pairs well with the words he speaks. The fighting overtones are driven home when the chorus hits and trumpets blare. The music continues to melt between the extroverted pulse of outrage, characterized by the drums, and the introspective waves of deliberation, exhibited in the trance-like interludes and the wonderful guitar solo woven in at the tail end of the track." A.I.
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